HEART PRINTS and 8 Ways to Use Them

I haven’t met a child who would not jump at the chance to make prints. If you want to put the whole exercise to good use, we have 6 suggestions for incorporating the prints in various crafts.

Your child will need space, some brown paper, some tempera paints and a toilet paper roll that has been folded into a heart shape. I can guarantee at least half an hour of calm and silence.

1. Heart wreath – glue the hearts on a wreath shape cut out of a paper plate (this is my favorite)

2. Heart tree – draw the outline of your child’s hand and let the kid add the heard ‘leaves’.

3. Heart flowers – Pipe cleaners will work best, but if you don’t have any, any kind of paper-covered wire will do.

4. Heart garland – perforate the hearts with a punch-hole and give your kids a new task -to string the hearts on a thin ribbon.

5. Valentine Cards – Glue the hearts on a sheet of paper and let your imagination run wild…

6. Shot through the heart – This craft turned out really cute. We used our favorite clothespins.

7. 3D Heart mobiles – fold 3 hearts in two and glue them together. Add a bead and a piece of yarn for hanging.

8. Vase decoration – yesterday we showed you е how to make a single flower vase where the flower will not lean sideways.


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