We’re writing again with an idea to share – and a few photos, of course. It’s easy when you have four nimble little hands at home, as well as several tubes of paint, a few pairs of scissors and old egg cartons… Just a few snips here and there – and when the paintbrush starts dancing in the paintbox, the sun shines into the room – it’s our smiles and the magic of making something together. Welcome spring, my children await you. Come visit! Our address is easy:

Do you know the path by the three fir-trees? One had its top broken in last year’s storm. Make ten quiet steps through the wet moss, go along the low fence – and you’re here. There’s a wreath of flowers hanging on the front door. Come in with your muddy galoshes and take off your cloak of mist – it’s sunny here.

Iva, , little Dara, and her big sister Vyara from the Czech Republic… where it’s almost spring.

We published the whole letter – it’s so sweet! Thank you for the pleasure of finding these photos in our inbox this morning.

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  1. Judy 06/03/2013 at 01:28

    The sun was shining in my room after seeing this project being made! Absolutely beautiful.

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