Believe it or not, the total amount of time it took me to make this vase before coloring was 5-6 minutes.

color-in paper vase kids craft

First we made the flower cups from an egg carton. We used two elements for each flower, nesting them inside one another and securing them with glue. A drinking straw made the stem; it was later covered with toilet paper and secured with masking tape. We used the leftover egg carton to make leaves which we also attached with masking tape.

color-in paper vase kids craft

The vase itself is an empty toilet paper roll. We glued it on a cardboard base to make it more stable. We put the flowers in and added scraps of paper so the flowers would not sway while we were coloring them.


You can now let the child do the fun part.


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  1. sama 04/05/2014 at 09:04

    verry nice and easy
    thanks alot

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