Мaria Popovа has sent us her martenitsa version of the  Colorful Horses (with templates) that we published some time ago.

Denitsa Nikolova posted pictures of the Aromatic Martenitsas created by the children in Simba Preschool No 6 in Pleven. They were made from red and white ball-shaped chewing gum and rubber hearts. Make a hole with a wooden skewer then thread on a length of twisted red and white yarn.

Maria Stoyanova and her children Stiliyan (7) and  Maria (5) sent us some of their red-and-white creations.

Violeta Vassileva (Prolet Preschool, Sevlievo) has shown us these red-and-white lambs the children made.

Petya Petrova from Pleven has made this wonderful Baba Marta wreath with her children,

Zdravka Stoyanova and one of her three daughters, Ina, made this spring wreath for Baba Marta.

Two preschool teachers, Evgenia Atanassova and Ivanka Alexandrova, made these decorations to celebrate Baba Marta.

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