Red and white yarn flowers.

To make them, you need to wind yarn around a round gear shape. Print out the smaller and the larger templates, glue them on cardboard paper and cut them out.

Start winding the yarn, tying one end to the shape.

Wind the yarn as shown below. Make sure that all the cogs are evenly covered.

Sew the yarn in the middle with a needle and thread so you can take the finished flower off the template.

What is ‘martenitsa’?

In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old lady, “baba Marta”. The 1st day of her reign is celebrated with red and white ornaments in various designs – as bracelets, brooches, pom-poms… 
The origins of this ritual are lost in time, but the meaning is clear – they are luck charms you give away to wish good health (and good looks, too!) Friends, family, even pets and domestic animals get one.They are also a countdown to spring – you wear them every day until you see the first stork, or swallow, or blossoming tree. Then you take themartenitsa off and tie it to a branch.

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