фина моторика при децатаHere’s an excerpt from the book ‘How to Boost Your Child’s Brain“:

“Beads have a special place in the system of Montessori games. In order to pick up the little bead, thread a string through it or just move it to another box, you must have perfect control of your hand. This means that by doing this exercise, the child not only learns to control his body, but develops his intelect as well. Stringing beads is one of the most engaging activities. It would be good if it takes a lasting hold on the kid’s attention, or even goes on to become his hobby. Because fine motor skills are important not only for kids, but for adults as well. It’s proven that working with small objects helps in solving difficult problems, or finding decisions in tricky situations. This activity calms the nerves and reduces stress, but you have to start from with the simplest tasks.”

Here are some age-appropriate ideas for stringing activities by KROKOTAK:

Показваме ви различни подръчни материали,с които може да развивате фината моторика на децата.

1. For the smallest hands who still find it hard to string a thread through a little aperture, you can cut out large rings from kitchen sponges. They are great fun!

низане на мъниста фина моторика при децата

2. Large-holed beads and buttons. If you fill a box with such beads, your child will remember once in a while to reach out for them and make presents for mommy 🙂

низане наразлични зърнени храни, фина моторика при децата

3. These pasta ‘beads’ are great – but you’ll have to color them with tempera paints first. Alternating them with cereal rings makes the task harder for little hands. This is not a girls-only activity.  The same type of pasta can yield great pirate jewelry. There’s another way to color pasta, too – with egg dye and rubbing alcohol.