BIRTHDAY CANDLES Egg Decoration – A Successful Experiment

We used children’s birthday candles, because they draw a finer line. They come in in many colors but it doesn’t really matter  for the end result. We drew on eggs we had already dyed in lighter colors, and we dipped the egg in a darker shade each time. The results were marvelous – the eggs were very colorful although we used nothing more than ordinary egg dyes.

We dyed the boild egg in  yellow. Then we drew a pattern with the birthday candle.

Then we dipped the egg in оrange. We drew another part of the pattern. We finished off by dipping the egg in red.

This egg was dyed green first, then blue, then dark blue. We drew part of the pattern after each dipping.

This egg was dipped in yellow then orange then red dye. We used the candles after each dipping.

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