3 Easy Paper Ideas for BABA MARTA

Баба Марта, мартенички от хартия

1.  Paper puppets

You will need an A4 sheet of paper. Make an accordion fold parallel to the shorter side. Cinch in the middle with a piece of sticky tape and open on both sides. Glue a head and attach a pair of arms. Draw in the eyes and the mouth.

Баба Марта, мартенички от хартия

2. Еasy martenitsas

Make an accordion fold along the shorter side of an A4 sheet of paper. Fold in half and tie with a string.

Баба Марта, мартенички от хартия

Баба Марта, мартенички от хартия

3. Big colored balls

You need two A4 sheets of paper to make each ball. Make an accordion fold then fold in half and secure the center. Glue the ends together to make a full circle.

What is ‘martenitsa’?

In Bulgarian folklore the month of March is often portrayed as a plump, cheerful old lady, “baba Marta”. The 1st day of her reign is celebrated with red and white ornaments in various designs – as bracelets, brooches, pom-poms… 
The origins of this ritual are lost in time, but the meaning is clear – they are luck charms you give away to wish good health (and good looks, too!) Friends, family, even pets and domestic animals get one.They are also a countdown to spring – you wear them every day until you see the first stork, or swallow, or blossoming tree. Then you take themartenitsa off and tie it to a branch.

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  2. glsdys 29/11/2015 at 17:12

    Me encanta ,por aser muchas actividades derecho, de papel y fácil

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