These pretty pictures were sent to us by Stella ( )

A clever way to make many beautiful Christmas cards by ‘printing out’ many copies of the same design.

You need a thermal insulation board (or a styrofoam tray), some tempera paints and a kitchen sponge for spreading the paint in an even layer.

1. Make a project.

2. Copy the design on the insulation sheet with a sharp object (a nail file, a pen or a hard pencil would work well).

3. Cover the whole surface with paint using the kitchen sponge or a paint roller.

4. Put a white sheet of paper on your design and carefully press it with the round part of a spoon.

5. Peel the paper off the base. Your print is ready. This process can be repeated many times to get many copies of the same design.

That way you are making relief printing. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? 🙂


We made similar postcards some time ago: