Let me introduce our snowman! I wasn’t too happy with the result (he’s rather lightweight and needs to be secured to the floor), but the kids loved him. He’s now keeping guard on the terrace 🙂

You need white plastic cups and a stapler. Each ball takes about 100 cups. Used and washed ones work, too – you’ll throw them away anyway.

Different-sized plastic cups would make differnt-sized balls. And you may use them to make your snowman even more beautiful. 

Staple the cups together, making sure you press the stapler deep into the cups so they don’t crack.

It’s  very easy – the shape forms naturally. You don’t actually need to staple each cup three times – if you are too strict about it, your cups will start changing shape.

To make your snowman stable, make sure you don’t complete your balls but leave them slightly unfinished. That way one could stay on the ground and the other can stay on top.

And this snowman was made by Milena Dileva for kindergarten decor.