YARN Hearts

Yarn heart

kid's craft for valentine's day

These hearts are super simple -all you need is some yarn and diluted PVA glue.

They are also quite easy to make… but a little slow to dry.

You need thick yarn, some PVA glue and baking paper (or other easily detachable surface to work on).

Cut several 20-30cm pieces of yarn and soak them in diluted PVA glue (1 part glue to 3 parts water). Use a couple of pieces to make the desired shape. You can use different-colored yarn. Make sure the pieces overlap.  After you have made the frame, you can fill it in as you wish – just make sure you stick to your outline.

When you are ready, press the heart well (it’s best to leave a heavy object on it for a few hours). Leave in a warm place to harden and dry (it will take a couple of days). When it’s ready, it should be easy to remove from the baking sheet. Decorate with beads and sequins, if you wish.


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