Wooden spoon DWARFS

Winter is near, so these merry dwarfs are already with us, ready to fulfill our wishes.

Good for staging a puppet play or…

…….. making a garland by joining their hands together :)

To make the body, cut a half-circle of approx. 21-22 cm (use foam sheets or any suitable paper). To make the hat, you will need a triangle with a base of about 10-11cm. You will also need a small wooden spoon and some pipe-cleaners for assembling the parts and for making the beard.

Foam sheets can be stapled together so no glue is necessary.

Use a pipe-cleaner to secure the body to the spoon with a pipe-cleaner and make the arms, then another one to secure the hat to the head.

To make the beard, twist the pipe-cleaner then attach it to the head.


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