Как да си направим сами коледни гирлянди от хартия

как сами да си направим коледни гирлянди от хартия

Тhese festive garlands are so easy to make you can enlist little hands to help you decorate. You need A4 paper sheets. Cut each one in two lengthwise then fold each strip in four. Trace your desired outline on the uppermost part (we drew a Christmas tree and a snowman), making sure the sides are always connected.

Paper garland how-to

We decorated this garland with felt tip pens, PVA glue and glitter.

Paper garland how-to

Paper garland how-to

For this festive garland we used green paper, PVA glue and glitter.

Paper garland how-to


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  1. cathy29 29/10/2013 at 15:13

    j’adore toutes vos créations!!!!
    assistante maternelle,je prends vos idées pour les petits que j’accueille.
    merci encore

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