dinosaur coloring book

You can print out the book HERE (12 pages)

It is hard to measure up to our kids when it comes to dinosaur knowledge. After all, they’ve watched a huge amount of movies, they have read many books and encyclopedias. Our little coloring book contains a little information for each of the more interesting dinosaurs. When kids color them in, they will learn their names, their habits and their special characteristics.


My work for childrens’ magazines made me refresh my memory on many topics.. and learn quite a few new things. About dinosaurs, for example. Now I can proudly name quite a few of them.  Well, I had to buy some books, as there is not enough information on the internet. I highly recommend The Prehistoric World by F. Chandler, S. Taplin and J. Bingham. It’s very educational and very popular at our house.

And here’s the best explanation I’ve read about how long ago the dinosaurs lived:

dino“To get an idea what a great period of time this is, imagine a book of 225 pages where each page equals a million years. Dinosaurs have played the leading role for the first 160 pages. Mammals appear in the last third of the book. We humans – in the beginning of the last page. And only in the bottom of the page do we learn that there were dinosaurs at all.”