A Santa Craft for KIDS

Santa craft

SANTA Craft for Kids

It’s super easy to make this cardboard Santa by following our instructions. The beard is especially suitable for young craft masters. If you give them precut strips of paper and show them how to glue them into ring chains, they will soon get the knack of it.  No special drawing skills are needed, so we haven’t provided any templates.

дядо Коледа за деца

After you make the face and the red hat, fold a white sheet of paper lengthwise and make lots of snips as shown below (do not go all the way across the paper). This will be the hair.

дядо Коледа за деца

Cut out eyes, a nose and a mustache. Glue them on. When you are ready, make the beard by chaining together white strips of paper.

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    very good sait

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