Grapes – cut and glue

You need: white and blue paper glue and scissors printable template see also:


Fall paper lace

Do you like оur new paper “lace” with leaves. The style is definitely ”MATISSE“. It is so easy. You…


DIY Goldfish Bowls

 You need: dry fall leaves white and blue paper glue markers  see more:

Make Aliens & Monsters from pinecone and tooth sticks

Make Aliens & Monsters from pinecone and tooth sticks

Look at the ideas of the kids, visiting the kids’ workshop FANTASY. They have used natural materials, tooth…

fall forest

Autumn forest for toddler

  An Fall forest, made from glued colour rings of paper – an idea that came from the…


Leaves Prints MANDALAS

Beautiful mandalas made of leaves colored prints. You need some dry leaves (different in form) and tempera/acrylic paints….

3D Playdough Picture

3D Playdough Pictures with Natural Materials To Be Found In The Garden:)

See the awesome 3D playdough pictures, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna ( Bulgaria). You need:…


DIY – an Apple Cushion!

Have a look at these apple-shaped decorative pillow. See also the cut out template. They are so easy…

simple apple craft

Simple Apple Craft

To make the apple more stable, stick a piece of cardboard at the bottom.   see also:


Bookworm Bookmark

You will need: template scissors colored paper strips colored paper glue paper punch ribbon   Еnjoy your book!…



See the awesome sunflowers, made by the children from “The kid’s House”, Varna. You need: template green pipe-cleaners…


Bulgarian Alphabet Song + arrangement and print

It’s so easy to learn the alphabet through signing and drawing, isn’t it? That’s why we present again…


Picturesque Autumn Leaves

Picturesque autumn leaves, covered in transparent adhesive tape (different colors). They are perfect for your autumn decoration See…

School Schedule - Fish

School Schedule – Fish

This is an idea shown to us last year by one of our readers. The fish is the well-known Cardboard…

School Schedule - giraffe

School Schedule – giraffe

  Print FREE templates: see more:

Sew Your Own Owl Pillow

Sew Your Own Owl Pillow

These are the marvelous and easy to make owl-pillows, made by the kids visiting kid’s workshop Srachko – for small…

A Pine Cone and Plasticine Jet Plane

A Pine Cone and Plasticine Jet Plane

You need: a couple of ling pine cones plasticine in different colors wooden sticks See more:


Land Art – Projects made by the students from the art schools in Tryavna and Troyan ( Bulgaria)

Land Art – Projects made by the students from the art schools in Tryavna and Troyan, part of…

Хартиени бухалчета с молив

Pencil Owl Holder

Look at these cute owls. Use them to make a stunning garland. You need a colored sheet of…

DIY Cardboard Box Car

DIY Cardboard Box Car

How to spend a couple of easy and funny hours with your little boy without the need to…

DIY a Cardboard Plate Frog

DIY a Cardboard Plate Frog

To make a frog you need one and a half cardboard plates. Use the entire plate for the head of…


7 Ideas for Decoration with Beans

  Have a look at the decorations sent to us by the kids from kid’s education and play…


Big Cardboard Birds

Big motley birds perched on our fence:) Great fun for the summer days, especially if yo have enough…


Merry Bench

I don’t know the author of this decoration, but we all say “Thank you” It is very close…

оригами - корабче

Origami Ship

Awesome and easy to make origami ships for coloring. You need a square-shaped sheet of paper. After you…


Kids Workshop BukvArt

These are part of the participants in Kids Workshop BukvArt and their beautiful letters and pictures. The materials…


Collage with Thread – Bulgaria’s Map

A 3D map of Bulgaria made by the kids visiting kid’s workshop Srachko, Pazardzik. You need: a template…


Dinosaur’s Week

The small dinosaurs are part of the activities in the Kids’ House during their Dinosaur’s Week. The focus…


Beachy photo frames

  We have used two simple IKEA picture frames. We used instant bond to glue shells and sea…


Decoupage on Sea Shells

  This is a very interesting technique – decoupage on sea shells. The idea and realization were carried…

Нощни птици - апликация

Nocturnal Birds

A nocturnal bird, made from glued white pieces of paper – an idea that came from the kids…


Wind turbine – how to make

If you want to test how strong is the wind today ask an adult to give you a…


Wax-covered Bottles

You can use both glass and plastic bottles (thicker ones). To cover a single bottle you will need…

Beautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful and easy to make hand fan. You will need: colored sheets of paper scissors paper punch glue…


A table, chairs and an umbrella for playing

  DIY chairs and a table for playing. We have used cardboard cups, drinking straws (for the umbrella),…


Floral Collages

​If you have a flower garden this is perfect for your kids. We have chosen suitable images for print….

DIY Gift Box Bear

DIY Gift Box Bear

How to turn the packaging into a teddy bear – an idea from the kids from kid’s center…


The Plastic Bottle’s New Clothes

It’s so easy to transform a plastic bottle. You need 10 pieces of thread (whatever type you have) in…

DIY Matching Game

  This is our new game. It turned out great fun. Find the matching halves of each circle….